What is Happening at St. Mary's?

On June 19, I had the opportunity to interview Carrington, a St. Mary’s resident and her mother, Cecelia.  They learned about St. Mary’s at the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in December 2007.  They learned that it was a home for children with severe disabilities to learn and enjoy different activities with other children like them. 

Carrington loves music, singing, and dancing.  At St. Mary’s she is involved with a girl's group and loves to go on outings such as shopping.  In 2008 Carrington was part of the Team Hoyt effort during the CHKD race.  She loved the experience as well as meeting different families and children like her.  Before Carrington came to live at St. Mary’s, Cecelia was afraid that Carrington would think that she was leaving her, since she had lived at home all of her life.  When Carrington started living at St. Mary's she did not want to leave.  St. Mary’s offers different events and activities that Cecilia helps with so that she can spend more time with her daughter.  Cecelia took Carrington home for a year and realized that St. Mary’s could offer so much more.  St. Mary’s became Carrington’s home.

-Jenna C.

(Kid2Kid founder)


Dessert Party Hosts, Anna B. and Jenna C., play with St. Mary's kids and learn more about the activity bins their party contributions supported

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