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How we started:

Our program "Kid2Kid" was developed in 2010 by a few families to enhance the lives of children at St. Mary's Home. Increasing contributions and generating awareness became our goals. More than 40 families are currently enrolled in the program.

Past Officers




Hi! My name is Sienna, I am currently a 10th grader at Norfolk Academy, where I play field hockey, soccer, and run track and field. I moved to the United States a little more than 4 years ago from Paris, France, and ever since I have lived in Virginia Beach, I have loved being a part of the Kid2Kid Club at St. Mary's!!! The rest of the officers, as well as our volunteers, are amazing at what they do and it is amazing to see the impacts we make on the home. We are so thankful for all of these opportunities and it is so sweet and makes use extremely happy to see that we are making all of these kids smile so hard. 


Emerson Miller

Hi! My name is Emersen Miller and I’m a sophomore at Frank W. Cox High School. At Cox, I play field hockey and am the co-president/co-founder of the Cox Kid2Kid club! We started the club at Cox to raise awareness and get more people  involved with this special organization. I have lived in Virginia Beach my whole life, and am very grateful to be apart of such a wonderful community. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to witness the growth of Kid2Kid and look forward to helping to reach even larger goals in the future!

Want to Help?


St. Mary's Kids Christmas Wish List !

If you are feeling generous this holiday season, please feel free to give a special gift to the kids at St. Mary's or The Alberno House. 

Visit the wish list below for ideas!


SMH-Wish-List-2020.pdf (saintmaryshome.org)

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