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What is Kid2Kid?

     Kid2Kid is a program that benefits St. Mary's Home. St. Mary's provides quality, specialized care within a homelike environment for children and adults with severe disabilities, so each person can achieve his or her fullest potential.


     Kid2Kid was started by kids for the kids at St. Mary’s Home. Through Kid2Kid, children in Hampton Roads participate in activities by raising awareness and contributions that benefit St. Mary’s children.  The real difference can be seen from one child to one child, one smile to one smile.


Volunteer Spotlight

Audio Books for St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children

I have been a member of the Kid 2 Kid program at Saint Mary’s Home for Disabled Children for three years. As a student at Plaza Middle School, I understand the importance of community service. At our school they help us to be open-minded, reflective thinkers who care about our community.


One of the projects I worked on was reading children’s books on tape. Most of the kids at St. Mary’s usually have adults read to them. I think it must make them happy when another kid or someone their age reads to them. By reading these books I hope that the children who listen to them feel that someone cares about them. The whole reason the program is called Kid 2 Kid is because kids get a chance to help other kids and this peer interaction is valuable to both kids . This program has helped me to become more compassionate about helping others and helps me to understand why volunteering is so important.


-Evan W

Want to Help?

Please call us at: (757) 460-4183 or email us at kid2kidinfo@gmail.com


St. Mary's Kids Christmas Wish List !

If you are feeling generous this holiday season, please feel free to give a special gift to the kids at St. Mary's or The Alberno House. 

Visit the wish list below for ideas!



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